Your health is important …

Being in pain or having restricted movement can be a real burden. Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness are 100% committed to providing a professional, honest and effective multi-disciplined approach to help you achieve better health.

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms …

Our Stafford and Newport chiropractors and massage therapists specialise in the diagnosis and drug-free treatment and management of neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle and joint) conditions. We believe that it is far better to address the root causes of your problem rather than mask the symptoms. We will look to help you to achieve a long term solution through enabling better movement, stability and control of your body.

What we do

"I’ve been having on/off problems for a while but things would right themselves before I ever got around to seeing a chiropractor. Seeing Chris was great, he’s knowledgeable, friendly and explains things clearly. He explained why I was getting problems and it turned out that where I was getting pain was not where the problem was. Mine wasn’t a chronic problem so two sessions and some advice on exercises and I’m sorted. Would highly recommend."

- Lynne

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