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A Chiropractor with back pain? What did I do?

A Chiropractor with a bad back and back pain sounds a bit ironic, but the truth is that many of us started out with back problems before we learned how to fix them!

Personally, I started having issues in my twenties after years of sitting for upwards of 12 hours a day writing computer programs for a living. As I often tell my patients, all that sitting does you no good, and eventually after 2 years of seeing various “experts”, I ended up having disc surgery.

Twenty-two years and a change of career later, it’s perhaps not surprising that (along with thousands of my patients), I’ve learned how to manage my back well. However, I’ve had my ups and downs.

More recently, and after a rather difficult 18 months for everyone, I had a flare up of back and nerve pain. This went on for months, and despite regular exercise and a seemingly healthy diet of home cooked meals, wholegrain carbs, salad, and moderate alcohol intake, it just wouldn’t shift. It seemed that all the stress, poor sleep, and long hours had taken it’s toll. I decided to have an MRI scan at Heath Lodge.

For anyone not familiar with MRI scans, the circled area above shows quite a lot of degeneration and inflammation. Although the changes were a little surprising, it didn’t concern me too much. What I was really interested in was the inflammation – no wonder I was struggling!

I also had some bloods tested with Thriva. They showed a CRP of 2.64, high total cholesterol at 6.7 (but good ratios), and very high GGT (fatty liver) despite not drinking much. All of this pointed to INFLAMMATION and explained all the unrelenting stiffness and pain I’d been having. Luckily, after studying the nutritional and lifestyle changes that could help, I knew that, along with the typical hands-on treatment and exercise, it was time to make some serious changes! In part 2, I’ll let you know what I did.

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Chris Mallett
Principal Chiropractor
Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness (Stafford and Newport)

Sports massage Stafford

Stafford sports massage – helping you recover

Our Stafford sports massage therapists could help you to recover from muscle soreness, and a recent study backs this up. 

It’s great to be able to exercise regularly, and it is well established that keeping active benefits human health, especially reducing the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. However, occasionally you can overdo it, causing temporary muscle damage and what is often known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

DOMS can often cause stiffness, reduced range of motion and even a drop in performance for those that like to train regularly. People often try all sorts of recovery methods including ice, stretching or low intensity exercise. But, as a review of clinical trials concluded, there is some evidence that sports massage reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.

Getting a good sports massage after training might mean you get fewer aches in the following days.

The effect of massage therapy is thought to be to increase skin and muscle temperature, blood and lymphatic flow, and parasympathetic activity. As a result, the effects include relief of muscle tension and stiffness, reduction of muscle soreness, and increased joint range of motion. Which then means you can get back to training at your full potential quicker!

Sports massage Stafford

Book in for help with DOMS

Why not book in with our excellent Stafford sports massage therapist Liesa? She is a BTEC Level 5 Sports and Remedial massage therapist (the highest level you can achieve), and a keen runner so knows all about DOMS! Whether it’s helping you to recover from training, or for general lifestyle aches and pains – she’s got you covered.

For more information, visit our Meet The Team and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy pages.

We can help you to achieve better health. Why not come and see what our chiropractors and massage therapists in Stafford and Newport can do for you? We look forward to seeing you.