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How a Chiropractor helped his own back pain (part 2)

The results are in! Following on from part 1 (which you can find here), my recent blood results came back in, with some interesting findings.

Just as a recap: earlier this year, I’d had chronic stiffness and pain in my lower back which wasn’t resolving with all the typical treatment and exercises. An MRI and bloods indicated inflammation as a factor.

As part of my continuing education as a chiropractor, I currently study functional medicine, which looks to identify root causes of disease and modify diet or lifestyle to help.

One thing I will emphasise is that before you make any significant changes to your diet, you need to discuss and work with your healthcare provider. Some diets require monitoring, particularly if you are on certain medications or have some health conditions.

I always thought my diet was good, eating mostly quality meats, vegetables, brown rice, bread and pasta, fruit, porridge and natural honey. Minimal sugar or “junk”. All the things that are good for us right? Well, it turns out they’re not so good for inflammation or blood glucose/insulin control.

So, what did I do? After much research, I started a low carb, high fat diet (LCHF) combined with daily vitamin D3 and magnesium supplements. Keeping carbs to less than 50g/day, it meant no bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, beer or oats but plenty of green cruciferous vegetables, healthy saturated fats and protein. I now tend to eat things like full fat dairy, oily fish, meats, chicken, nuts and wine instead. I also practice intermittent fasting during the week (16 hours fasting, and an 8 hour window of eating). Combined with my usual exercise, I found that my back pain and stiffness improved immensely, but I also had some other interesting changes.

My GGT (fatty liver) dropped massively from 132 to 40 IU/L, and my CRP (inflammation) from 2.64 to 1.84 mg/L but there’s still improvements to be made. My total cholesterol was now 8.8, with high LDL BUT most importantly all triglyceride and HDL ratios were perfect. I’d also lost 6kgs of body fat!

My changes are very personal, and if you suffer similar issues I suggest you do your own research and see someone for guidance. But, I’m now changed for life and won’t be going back!

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Chris Mallett
Principal Chiropractor
Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness (Stafford and Newport)

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