What we do

Our services

Our Stafford and Newport chiropractors and massage therapists specialise in the diagnosis and drug-free treatment and management of a range of nerve, muscle and joint conditions. We believe that it is far better to address the root causes of your problem rather than mask the symptoms, and we have a number of services available to help you to achieve a long term solution through enabling better movement, stability and control of your body.

Our primary treatment available is Chiropractic & Sports & Remedial Massage therapy and we have a great team to help you get back to better health. We also have a number of other therapists and personal trainers that compliment chiropractic care and fitness available at both our Newport and Stafford chiropractic clinics.

For more stubborn complaints, we now also offer Shockwave Therapy - a relatively new technology which can be effective for problems not responsive to standard care such as medication, exercise or manual therapy.