We specialise in the diagnosis and drug-free management of musculoskeletal conditions. In particular we treat any problem caused by the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons or nerves of the body.

We are well-known for treating back or neck problems, but we are qualified to treat many physical conditions in patients of all ages and abilities. If we can’t help you then we will refer you to a specialist who can.

Initial consultation

Normally including first treatment
please allow up to 60 mins


@ Newport


@ Stafford


for consultation only
please allow 40 mins


12 mths since last visit or new complaint
please allow up to 40 mins


Follow-Up Treatment

Standard chiropractic treatment
please allow up to 20 mins




for 6 sessions (after initial assessment, if required)


Student, U16 or forces

Other Services

For more information about the types of services we offer, please see What We Do, or our Contact page.