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Please note: If you follow any of the exercises below without a diagnosis or treatment plan from a qualified professional, it is done so at your own risk! We will not take responsibility for any injuries that occur whilst performing them.

Helping you achieve better health

To get a better idea of the sorts of treatments we offer at Pure Health, take a look at our video below:

Squatting to help your low back and hips

The squat is one of the most fundamental movements we should be able to do to help keep our hips mobile and strong, and to help spare our low back from too much stress and potential injury. Unfortunately, with a more sedentary lifestyle nowadays, particularly sitting, the ability to squat properly is being lost. Here, our chiropractor, Chris gives you some tips to help get that movement back!

Spare your back with the "Hip Hinge"

When it comes to low back pain, being able to move through the hips in a relaxed way is essential to help avoiding injury. Our Chiropractor, Chris explains why the “hip hinge” is so important in everyday activities, but also when riding your mountain bike!

Help your back pain with the "Dying Bug"

The Dying Bug track is a progression of exercises designed to help you learn to engage the spinal and pelvic muscles again, and give you the confidence to return to normal activities. Here, our Chiropractor Chris runs through some of the steps of the progression and explains why it is so important.

Glute activation for a healthier back and hips

Making sure you have good gluteal activation is essential to help with stabilising the lower back and hips through movement. Unfortunately with our generally sedentary lifestyles, the glutes are often ignored and can end up inhibited through lack of use. These exercises can help to get them fired up again!


Our sports massage therapist Matt had been suffering with tennis elbow for about 18 months, and it was stopping him competing at crossfit. Shockwave can be very effective in treating this, so we decided to document Matt's progress through his course of treatment with great success!

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