Help your back pain with the “Dying Bug”

If you suffer with a back pain or injury, it can be a real burden getting back to normal movement. Even simple tasks like getting in and out of chairs, turning in bed, or putting your socks on can be a real challenge.

Pain Affects Coordination and Stability

Often when we have a nasty back injury, our ability to activate the muscles which support our back and hips become compromised, often due to something called “pain inhibition”. Our muscles haven’t gone anywhere, they are still there and trying to work. But often injury can disrupt the nerve signals that tell them to activate at the appropriate time. This can affect our coordination, and creates instability when we move, causing more pain, and even sometimes re-injuring the area.

We can help you get better

As well as working on spinal and pelvic function with hands-on treatment, another way to start on the road to recovery is to begin working on activating these muscles again in a controlled manner. The “Dying Bug” track is a progression of exercises designed to help you learn to engage the spinal and pelvic muscles again, and give you the confidence to return to normal activities. Here, our Stafford and Newport Chiropractor Chris runs through some of the steps of the progression and explains why it is so important.

If you suffer from back pain, muscle, joint or nerve problems, then let us help you to achieve better health. You can book an appointment with our chiropractor Chris or massage therapist Liesa, by calling 01785 530911 in Stafford, or 01952 825042 in Newport. Alternatively you can book using our online diary.

We look forward to seeing you.
Chris Mallett
Principal Chiropractor
Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness (Stafford and Newport)

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