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My experience of Shockwave Therapy

Wondering if Shockwave Therapy could help you? Read about Matt’s experience with a long standing elbow injury:

By Matt Price (Sports Massage Therapist & Crossfit athlete)

I had a recurring issue with repetitive strain in my elbow otherwise known as “tennis elbow”. It kept me back from training and enjoying it was impossible. I wasn’t able to carry out a number of exercises that I’d need to do to train effectively and I’d been searching and searching for an answer to resolve my issues. However, nothing was long lasting and effective as I wanted it to be and I wondered if Shockwave could help..

Chris at Pure Health Chiropractic & Wellness was able to introduce me to Shockwave treatment. As I’d never heard of it before this was a slightly concerning treatment to be faced with, but the pain and annoyance my arm was causing me I decided it was worth a go to see if we could resolve it once and for all.

Treatment 1

During my first treatment I was introduced to the Shockwave device and the procedure. Chris carried out a full examination and reassured me that it was only a local injury that was causing the pain, rather than coming from somewhere else. We then started the treatment and initially the noise the machine head created was a little concerning, however Chris explained what was happening and that the noise was normal and wasn’t to be feared. There was a little pain and discomfort from this first treatment (to say the least) but I could feel the muscle fibres separating with each tap of the Shockwave. You can see my first session in the video below:

Treatment 2

By the second treatment I still hadn’t tested the area or over-used it due to the rawness being created from the previous treatment but I had been assured that this was normal and actually a good thing. The 2nd treatment was just as painful as the 1st but with even better results. The pain after the treatment wasn’t anywhere near as brutal or as awkward to deal with. Within 2 days of this treatment I was able to carry out light movements that aggravated the area before, from bench press to push up or even burpees. All of these were out of the picture until after this treatment and the results spurred me on to the next as the result I’d been looking for was on its way.

Treatment 3

Now number 3! I now believed I was on the road to recovery and nothing could stop me. I was starting to get the pains increasing back but I was training more than I’d been advised. This treatment wasn’t as painful as I’d expected which is always good. The pain centre had changed due to the recovery and the movements I’d been carrying out, the amazing Shockwave machine is versatile and allows the user (in this case Chris) to change the size of the treatment head to target the area further. Although there was still some discomfort this was so much more manageable than the previous treatment and I was already looking forward to training on it. See the progress in the video below:

Treatment 4

This was the most satisfying and energising treatment to date, Chris rechecked my overall spine and alignment and made sure I was still only having issues in the area we were treating. In this treatment we increased the intensity of the striking head of the Shockwave treatment machine (oh joy I thought), however this wasn’t as bad as anticipated and the results were amazing. Almost immediately I could feel the muscle relax and the tissue move allowing the pain the decrease and the tension to be reduced.

Overall Experience

The results from the treatments have allowed me to overcome the pain and the discomfort I’d been struggling with for the past 6-8 months. I put this down to both the Shockwave treatment and the knowledge of Chris at Pure Health and I’d definitely recommend seeking out this procedure if you have been struggling with recurring issues on any part of your body.  This machine will sort you out and give you a new determination to train or recover and enjoy life pain free!

For more information regarding this treatment, please visit our Shockwave page.

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